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About us

In 2013 Meet the Photo was established in Suginami Ward, Tokyo

In 2017 we opened Meet The Photo Atelier in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo





・Stills for TV commercials
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Other Services

・Photography lectures and workshops
・Coordinating shooting crews for an overseas clients
(including shooting locations, creators, interpreters, and more)

■「2015 ACCJ Woman In Business Summit」Official photographer
Hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan: Public and private leaders including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe discussed diversity and women’s empowerment.

■「World Assembly for Women in Tokyo WAW! 2015」
Hosted by the Government of Japan.: Many leading figures from all over the world had lively discussions on various women’s issues.

■「Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia」

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)

Embassy of the United States

Forbes Japan

"SKYWARD" from Japan Airlines Co., Ltd

Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd

Audi Japan KK

And more


About the Owner

Mami (Otsuki) Ichihara

Photographer specializing in photographing people
Born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

After working at a planning and production company for ads and websites, she gained marketing experience at a beverage manufacturer.
After studying in Toronto (TOEIC 910), she joined a photography company specializing in weddings.

In 2013 she established “Meet The Photo.”

Mami has conducted photo shoots for more than 3,000 people and groups.





One Photo for One Life~ the best possible photo for each person in the world~


“Meet” means “encounter”


“The Photo” means the best possible photo for you

Now that we live in an era of abundance, we want to be particular about one photo.
We are determined to help you “meet” your destined photo.


Restructuring and dissemination of photo culture


While benefiting from IT, we contribute to the dissemination of life with photos at the individual level. Also, through photos, we contribute to the establishment of a vigorous society which produces energy and has a lively connection between people.


Establishment of society with diversity


Through photos and expressions, we contribute to the establishment of society where people participate in actively displaying their diversity.


Message from the Owner


Hello everyone!

I’m Mami (Otsuki) Ichihara from Meet The Photo

I was born and raised in Sendai.

On March 11, when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, I was working in Sendai..
And soon after the earthquake, my father passed away because of illness.
Fortunately, our house was located inland, so our family managed to conduct a funeral and display a photo of his smiling face.

On the other hand, in the middle of chaos, there were a lot of families who had to conduct funerals without pictures of their deceased loved ones.
This incident made me realize how grateful and fortunate it is to keep photos of those we love.
As time goes on, I feel this way more strongly.

We are living in the era when we can easily leave photos behind or throw them away.
Thus, photos empower people living in the present.
It’s my responsibility as a photographer to bring out that power to the greatest extent.

Photos are gifts for you and your loved ones in the present and future.
Believe in power of photos.

Meet The Photo / Mami Otsuki



One portrait that brings out your intrinsic charm and the life you have been leading will make an impact and change your future.

Rather than 10 profile pictures, just one valiant portrait to you.


1 shot
¥50,000 + tax (¥54,000 including tax)


We create 1 portrait work

・1 or 2 pre-meetings
(somewhere in Tokyo’s 23 wards)
・About 1-hour of shooting
・1 background color
・Portrait will be printed in A4 size and presented to you
・Retouching for the single, final shot
・1 USB (including all image data and completed 1 cut)
・Reservation only
*Only upper-body shots

2 shots
¥80, 000 + tax (¥86,400 including tax)


We create 2 portrait works

・ 1 or 2 pre-meetings
(Somewhere in Tokyo’s 23 wards)
・About 2-hours of shooting
・2 background colors
・2 Portraits will be printed in A4 size each and presented to you
・Retouching for 2 final shots
・1 USB (including all image data and completed 2 cuts)
・Reservation only
*Only upper-body shots


From application to the arrival of photos


Please email us at and let us know the three possible shooting dates

Please pay the shooting fee by cash, bank transfer, or credit card (via Paypal)

After confirming the payment, the dates for pre-meetings and the photoshoot will be decided
*A pre-meeting will be held at a café in Tokyo. (Clients must pay for their drinks.)

After the shooting, we will send image data for selection by email in about two weeks

After you choose your favorite shot(s) from the data, we will finalize the images.

We will mail the USB and the A4 size photographic print to your home.

Studio information


STUDIO Meet The Photo

Reservation only
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-19:00

8-minute walk from Denentoshi Line Sangenjaya Station

Cancellation policy

Please understand that a specified fee will be charged in the event of a cancellation.

2 to 7 days prior to the scheduled shooting date: 30 % of the fee for the selected plan
1 day prior to the scheduled shooting date: 50 % of the fee for the selected plan
On the scheduled shooting date: 100 % of the fee for the selected plan